Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seoul Food Ep. 4: A-La-Mode-y

Can I get the, uh, waffles? And, um, what does "a la mode-y" mean? Oh that means it comes with ice cream!
Ok. A la mode-y then.

-Little Miss Sunshine

While walking around Seoul I noticed a trend: cafes around almost every corner!  Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jeans, etc. I even spotted a Starbucks sign written in Hangul while strolling around Insadong

We didn't go inside the Starbucks, but we did check out a couple of local cafes in Seoul, and I had to try their decadent waffles topped with whipped cream, ice cream, fruits, etc.  Or as Olive from Little Miss Sunshine says, A la mode-y!  You can find these sweet treats at almost every cafe in the city.

matcha ice cream & azuki a la mode-y

healthy a la mode-y: strawberry & yogurt

strawberry & mac nut ice cream a la mode-y, fruit, and whip cream!
...and since ice cream usually makes everything better, I also ordered an ice cream float.  Eva ordered a Kahlua mocha, and it came with whiskers.  Even the spoons had faces!

Matcha Ice Cream Float

Meow.  Nyan!  What noise does a cat make in Korea?


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