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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Golden Grub Adventures with Eva-Marie Day 9

May 7, 2011 (Saturday)

My final day in Fukuoka with Eva :( but we found an awesome Okinawan restaurant to eat at.  One day, I'll eat Okinawan food IN Okinawa.  It was an unforgettable week of food adventures!  And from now on I need to start eating more vegetables and fruits ;P

Okinawan roast chicken?  I forgot the name, but it was good.  Oh, and that's garlic rice.

soki soba!

Golden Grub Adventures with Eva-Marie Day 8

 May 6, 2011 (Friday)

Went to Mojiko with Eva to check out the underground tunnel from Kyushu to Honshu.  So of course we also checked out the food specialty there, yaki-curry basically curry with egg and cheese which is then baked in the oven.  I definitely want to make this at home.  So simple, but so good!

Then we got banana soft serve (or as they call it here, soft cream).  Mojiko used to import a lot of bananas, so there were banana things everywhere...including an awesome banana man!

it had real chunks of banana

banana man will save the day

my hero.
That night a bunch of us ate at an izakaya which had lots of interesting foods.  Lots of fusion food...and more...
curly fries!

deep fried gobo

idk some kinda noodle but it was good

korean pizza!

some other kinda noodle lol

"Rippa Sausage", for adults only...

self explanatory...but just an average tasting pudding haha

Golden Grub Adventures with Eva-Marie Day 7

May 5, 2011 (Thursday)

Ate lunch at a place called Bikkuriya with Eva and Chase (the WU crew!).  Last time I went to visit Eva in Iizuka, this place was closed, so I'm glad I finally got to try this oily pork and cabbage concoction.  You tilt the sizzling plate on its side so that the oil drains, and then you can mix it with miso paste.  I felt sleeeepy after eating it.  Apparently there's a food challenge at this place, if you can eat it with a huge portion of rice in less than 4 minutes, you can get 1000 yen (roughly 10 bucks)...

Ate dinner at a Thai restaurant in the city...Pad Thai!  And some other dishes that I've never heard before, but they were really good.  It's quite difficult reading Thai names written in katakana, but thank goodness for picture menus.

(L) deep fried garlicy pork and (R) some kind of veggie with pork stirfry

Pad Thai
 Then we headed to what Eva calls the "Little Door Cafe" because of yes, it's little door.  It had so many crepes and parfaits that it was difficult to choose...

cute door

strawberry cheesecake parfait

caramel apple crepe

chocolate banana almond crepe


all three

Golden Grub Adventures with Eva-Marie Day 6

May 4, 2011 (Wednesday)

We were out and about on this day, and didn't really have a proper lunch, but we of course made to snack as we went.  We went to a city called Dazaifu, which is famous for its temples as well as its local speciality, umegaemochi.  Umegaemochi is basically a GRILLED mochi that is filled with red beans.  Warm and crispy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside.  I think all mochi should be grilled before eaten.


the inside

xue and eva

me and emma
guy making umegaemochi

Before heading back to Tenjin to check out the famous Dontaku Festival, we bought some yakitori at a food stand near Dazaifu station.  It was very salty, but very tasty. 

mmm.  meat.

We checked out the festival for a bit, but unfortunately couldn't eat anything cus we had dinner reservations soon after.  But there was a lot of cool looking food stands!  Next time for sure...
hashimaki: essentially, an okonomiyaki popsicle

i really wanted one :(

omu-sausage?  sausage wrapped with egg on a stick...and a variety of toppings (cheese, mentaiko, demi-glaze sauce, curry)

ramen burger (no buns, just noodles)

the biggest "American Dog" (what the Japanese call corn dogs) I've ever seen

It was Xue's birthday, so for her dinner we went to a place called Angelo's.  Thanks to Eva for recommending such a great place!  It was cheese heaven.  We ordered a set, which included quiche, salad, several kinds of fondue, grilled chicken, and risotto made right in front of us in a cheese wheel!  They also made a nice birthday dessert for the birthday girl :)

The locale


salad with cured ham


(L) kim chee fondue and (R) goma soymilk favorites

(L) Tomato and (R) Basil Fondues

(Top) Squid Ink and (Bottom) Plain Fondues

Grilled Chicken

Making the risotto...scraping the cheese from the cheese wheel


Xue's ready to eat it already

the finished product

Happy Birthday Xue!

everyone say CHEESE!

Golden Grub Adventures with Eva-Marie Day 5

May 3, 2011 (Tuesday)

Eva took me to get a haircut where she gets hers done.  Nearby is a kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi chain called Sushi-ro and all plates are 105 yen!  They have awesome non-traditional sushi, like basil salmon, avocado shrimp, etc etc.  There's also touch screen menu's at each booth so you can order as well as just grabbing what comes your way.  My favorite was either the basil salmon (salmon smothered with pesto and melted cheese on top) or Eva's own invention: we ordered a natto sushi and a yamaimo maguro sushi, took them apart, and mixed it together.  A real sushi chef might have kicked us out and screamed in horror, but oh well it's only a kaiten sushi place.  Made me wanna eat a poke bowl from Pa'ina cafe back home!!  I also am really craving spicy ahi right now...

Shoyu Pork sushi

idk but it looked good so i grabbed it

the two on the left are salmon toro with oroshi daikon (it was fatty and delicious); the one on the right is the basil salmon

Deconstructed Sushi.  We <3 Natto and Ahi

my damage

full and happy/food drunk

Later we headed out to Hakata city to meet up with my friend Xue.  For dinner, we ate at Ippudo, which has really really good Hakata Ramen.  Thin noodles, similar to somen (I like it so much better than typical ramen noodles) and a super fatty porky broth.  It was my second time eating it, and I still think it's probably one of the best ramen I've eaten so far.

boiled eggs are a nice addition