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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snack Attack!

One of the things that I miss about Japan is the conbini, a magical place that is open at all hours and sells a huge variety of items such as bento, onigiridrinks, magazines, underwear, and even oden.  Oh and you can also pay your bills, buy a concert ticket, or even have a package delivered there for pick up.  It definitely holds up to its title of "convenience store."

I usually would go to the conbini to buy a drink or snack, and would end up spending way too much time browsing the snack section for new products, such as the latest Kit Kat flavor, or the snacks with funny names.  

Here's a selection of Lipton tea flavors purchased at various conbinis.  These 500ml cartons were only about 105 yen each and there's usually some type of seasonal flavor that I would end up buying.  Muscat Tea is my favorite!

"Shekwasha" as written on the carton is actually supposed to be "Shikuwasa" and is a citrus often found in Okinawa.  The Shikuwasa Lipton Tea (above) and the Shikuwasa Hi Chew candy (below) are both from Okinawa.

Kit Kat in Japan is such a huge deal!  They have so many odd seasonal flavors as well as special flavors for different prefectures.  After browsing through my pictures, I realized that I unfortunately don't have picture evidence of the different Kit Kat's I've seen/tried.  But some of the weird ones that I've had include wasabi, miso, and shoyu.  The green tea ones are awesome, and the latest one I tried--raspberry--was also really good!  This tiramisu one was okay...

Did you know that the Nissin Company which makes Cup Noodle also makes instant rice that is Cup Noodle flavored??  Well I found this Cup Noodle Rice at a conbini near my apartment and had to give it a try.  Not great, but fun for the novelty of it.

Chocolate covered almonds with an extra arare (kakinotane) crunch is the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

Gyoza flavored Pretz sounded cool but pretty meh...

Oh, and Crunky Ball Nude??!?!  Salty Nuts??!?!  How do they come up with these names? lol.  

If you're ever in Japan and want to check out these fun snacks, make sure to check out a local conbini!  I guarantee you'll find something unusual :P

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Unposted Pics

Some pics of foods I've consumed but forgot to post online.


Graduation Bento

Chocolate covered almonds with chunks of arare (kaki no tane)

All you can MEAT (it doesn't look like a lot here, but the rest was in my belly)

All you can MEAT!  Brazilian style.

Bento Lunch (no school lunch during spring vacation)

Unagi Cheese sushi in Himi!  Yummy!

Shiro-Ebi Kakiage Donburi

White Cream Cheese Bread...amaaazing.

Katsu Curry!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Odd food finds at AEON Mall

Chocolate-covered dried squid.  It was...oddly delicious...salty, sweet, seafoody...

Coffee Jelly Frappucino!  I appreciate Japan's love for jelly-like things at the bottom of their drinks.