Starting an Etsy

It's official!  I now have an ILUBGRUB Etsy shop (click on the link!). People have been asking and encouraging me to open up an Etsy shop, and I finally listened.  My food doodles and puns will always be something more of a personal hobby to me, but I am happy and excited to share my artwork with others!  

The major thing that has been holding me back from starting an Etsy shop is time - I just didn't have enough of it.  Drawing was more of a stress-relief from schoolwork for me, and I couldn't imagine juggling writing a dissertation, going to classes and work, and managing an Etsy store.  But now it's summer break and I finally have some extra time to focus on putting it all together!  

A few things about my greeting cards:

Hand-illustrated designs - mostly using watercolors, markers, and ink.  

Made for every occasion - all greeting cards are blank inside so you can add a personalized message!  

Hand-carved stamped patterns - I recently started carving my own stamps out of rubber erasers.  I plan on writing a post about this process in the future, so stay posted. Each greeting card has a unique pattern because I stamp each one with love by hand.  I admit, the stamp pictured above is something I ordered to be made professionally, but the stamps I use for my designs are 100% made by me.

WHY handmade?  I do have a few printed postcards available for sale, but otherwise I have chosen to stick with hand-illustrated and handmade products. Some people have suggested that I use a professional printing service to be able to print cards in bulk.  While this would be much easier for me, I also enjoy the handmade quality and uniqueness of each card that I create because it demonstrates and represents the love that I put into the process.

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more!  Enter the code ILUBFREESHIP at checkout.

Feel free to post below with any questions or comments!  I love hearing any feedback or suggestions you have.  Mahalo! 


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